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Rob Smith, MBA : Lynchburg College

"Pearson Construction takes a personal approach to their work. Since we started our road project their Superintendent has been exceptional. Elliot takes pride in his work and it literally felt like we had worked on hundreds of projects together even

though this was my first introduction to the Pearson way. They are a family

company and they treat their customers with that same attitude.

Pearson also possesses a rare quality in the construction industry and that is they DO what they say they are going to DO! If I was informed or told something about the

project from either David or Elliot I could rest assured that it was going to be

done and more importantly it was addressed in a timely manner. For instance

E&S control is always a hassle to keep maintained because most contractors

believe once they installed it they can forget about it. However if there was

even a remote issue all I would have to do is mention a concern and it was

addressed promptly. More often than not I would ask “how are the check dams”

and the response I would get was either “checked or cleaned out this morning”.

That type of awareness is imperative to a projects overall effectiveness on a

college campus.

To further support the integrity that Pearson displays this statement of recognition was written and submitted prior to the completion of the project. Maybe not my one of my

finer moments to complement a contractor before the project is 100 percent

completed, however I have gained that much confidence and trust with Pearson

that I know they will finish and finish strong!

I would strongly recommend Pearson Construction and have certainly placed them on my preferred vendors list for future projects."

Rob Smith, MBA

Physical Plant Director

Lynchburg College

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